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Modern roofing materials

Isolation TECHNONICOL ROKLAYT slab of mineral wool



ROKLAYT - it's easy hydrophobic, non-flammable heat and sound insulation boards made ​​of mineral wool on the basis of basalt rock band. It is a versatile material for private construction.

Plate ROKLAYT effectively contribute not only to solving problems for the heat and sound insulation, but in general have high performance. Hydrophobic plate ROKLAYT have low water and vapor permeability, high compressive strength. All this provides the reliability and durability of heat and sound insulation boards ROKLAYT. In addition, the material distinguish simple processing and assembly.

Plate ROKLAYT - is the undisputed finding in the field of private housing.

Length - 1000, 1200 mm
Width - 500, 600 mm
Thickness - 50 mm


    Plate ROKLAYT recommended for use as insulation in horizontal, inclined and vertical structures, such as: the attic, frame walls, sandwich wall, walls decorated with siding (layered masonry), floors and ceilings, partitions.

Table of characteristics of materials

Parameter name ROKLAYT
Density, kg/m3 30-37
Compressibility,% max 30
Thermal conductivity at 25 ° C, W / (m ° C) not more than 0,04
Thermal conductivity at operating conditions A, W / (m ° C) not more than 0,048
Thermal conductivity at operating conditions B, W / (m ° C) not more than 0,051
Water vapor permeability, mg / (m.ch.Pa) at least 0,30
Moisture by weight,% max 0,5
Water absorption by volume,% max 2
Organic matter content,% max 2,5
Flammability, the degree of NG


Plate ROKLAYT have:

  • high heat-capacity;
  • resistant to high temperatures;
  • stability of the volume and shape;
  • low water;
  • high sound-absorbing ability;
  • resistance to microorganisms and rodents;
  • neutrality in contact with concrete and metal materials;
  • ease of installation, ease of cutting and handling - easily cut with a knife or a saw.
Plate ROKLAYT packed into bundles, according to the normative and technical documentation in plastic shrink-wrap. Can be packed several pre-press (compression) packs in the packaging type Multipack (Multipack).
Fire resistance

Plate ROKLAYT are non-combustible material. Temperatures from minus 60 to + 200 ° C. The melting point of fibers is above 1000 ° C.

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