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Modern roofing materials

Isolation TECHNONICOL TEHNOFAS slab of mineral wool



TEHNOFAS - it's easy hydrophobic, non-flammable heat and sound insulating plates of mineral wool on the rocks of the gabbro-basalt group.

Length - 1000, 1200 mm
Width - 500, 600 mm
Thickness - 40-150 mm in 10 mm


Non-combustible mineral wool TEHNOFAS intended for use in civil and industrial construction as a thermal insulation systems, exterior insulation of walls with a decorative and protective layer of a thin layer of plaster.

Table of characteristics of materials

Parameter name TEHNOFAS
Density, kg/m3 131-159
Thermal conductivity at 10 ° C, W / (m ° C) not more than 0,036
Thermal conductivity at 25 ° C, W / (m ° C) not more than 0,038
Thermal conductivity at operating conditions A, W / (m ° C) not more than 0,042
Thermal conductivity at operating conditions B, W / (m ° C) not more than 0,045
Compressive strength at 10% deformation, kPa, not less 45
Moisture by weight,% max 0,5
Water absorption by volume,% max 1
Tensile strength fibers, kPa at least 15
Organic matter content,% max 4,5
Water vapor permeability, mg / (m.ch.Pa) at least 0,3
Flammability, the degree of NG


Plate TEHNOFAS have:

  • high heat-capacity;
  • resistant to high temperatures;
  • stability of the volume and shape;
  • low water;
  • high sound-absorbing ability;
  • resistance to microorganisms and rodents;
  • neutrality in contact with concrete and metal materials;
  • ease of installation, ease of cutting and handling - easily cut with a knife or a saw.

For packing of mineral wool slabs TEHNOFAS used plastic shrink wrap.

Fire resistance

  • Plate TEHNOFAS are non-combustible material
  • Onset temperature of sintering of fibers over 1000 C

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