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Modern roofing materials

About roofing.com.ua

Our company was founded in 2003 in Kiev. For over 7 years we have worked in the market of roofing materials and realize orders of even the most demanding customers.

Thanks to a team of professionals during this time, we have established themselves as a reliable partner, who works for the future and thinking primarily about the comfort of our clients.

We offer you roofing sheets, roof ridge, canopies, cornices, window sills, slopes , drainage and drainage gutters, fence elements , etc., as well as the manufacture of even the most complex elements of sheet metal. Our products are not only reliable but also have a decorative properties, emphasizing the beauty of your home.

Execute your orders becomes possible thanks to modern equipment and our highly skilled staff. Experts of our company, taking your order, consider all your wishes and offer optimal solutions to assigned tasks. Coordinate all the necessary documents, to work out the technological operations, and prepare drawings for your order.

We take full responsibility and interest of the approach to the requirements of our customers, regardless of the value of the order. Even if you come to us with a small individual orders, we will pick you as the most important client. We strive to ensure that once would have placed an order with us, you will in future come to us more than once.

Buy products made individually for each position of the roof and negotiated in advance: By phone, on-site manager at your facility or at our office.
The company "roofing" is a guarantee of timely execution of work, reliability, quality and individual approach to our customer!

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