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Metal - make the right choice!

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This roofing material, which is profiled galvanized steel sheets coated with a special polymer composition, gives the material color and protects against corrosion.

Metal has established itself as a cheap and reliable roofing material. In the 90th years of metal beginning "to develop the Ukrainian market and gradually took the place of the leader. How much is the cap on the tube

Basis metal is hot galvanized sheet (0,4 - 0,5 mm thick), which subsequently passivated, soil, covered with a color coated and then formed the profile of a natural tile.

Advantages of metal

  • attractive appearance, which is created by the diversity of colors covering

  • durability and reliability (service life of 25-30 years - longer than other roofing materials)

  • lightness of the material (weight of 1 sq. km. m metal - 4,5 kg weight of 1 square meters of ceramic tiles - 38-40 kg)

  • ease of installation (mounted sheets overlap, they are easy to lay) and roofing repairs (sheet is easy to replace or touch up)

Differences of metal

With all the variety of metal domestic and foreign brands, all of it can be divided into groups according to two criteria:

  • for qualitative parameters (manufacturer of the material and the raw materials used in production - steel, polymer coating)
  • aesthetic characteristics (color, geometry, profile).
  1. Manufacturer of metal.

    Major steel producers and suppliers of metal in the Ukraine - Poland and Slovakia.

  2. The thickness of the steel.

    The thickness of the steel standard is 0,5 mm. Admissible as the thickness of the steel 0.45 mm, which has a lower cost. However, when the thickness of the steel is significantly reduced and its durability. If you choose this type of metal roofing, you should protect it from undue stress.

  3. Coating of metal.

    There are several kinds of coatings: polyester colored coating - polyester coating based on polyvinyl chloride - plastozol, coating based on polyurethane - the Puranas. Polyester is of two types: dull and shiny. The coating has a thickness of 25 microns (the brilliant) to 35 microns (the matte), gives the metal color that protects it from external factors (chemical attack, corrosion). Plastozol - the thickest coating (200 microns), fine repels moisture and dirt and protects the metal from mechanical damage. However, this coating does not like intense heat, which may occur separation of PVC from the metal. Notice it can be for 7-10 year espluatatsii, as well as a strong bleaching of the roof. Puranas - better and more expensive coverage, thickness 50 microns. The coating is resistant to mechanical stress, air pollution and humidity. Tolerates high temperatures - above 100 degrees and an optimal replacement plastozola.

  4. The color of metal.

    With all the color variety of metal, most of our fellow citizens more likely to choose a dark red color. However, remember that darker colors more and more rapidly fade in the sun. With a taste of selected metal can transform any home, regardless of age, and fit and.

  5. Profile of metal.

    Models of metal different step patterns and depth profiles. The most expressive looks more bold profile with a big step. In general, all metal tiles are divided into subtypes:

    • metal with a small wave height (50 mm)
    • metal with a large wave height (from 50 to 70 mm)
    • metal with a symmetric wave
    • metal with asymmetric tapered wave
    • metal with an exclusive pattern
    What is the best profile to choose? This is a matter of taste. You decide
  6. Additional elements for the metal.

    In order to properly install metal roofing, you need to pick up additional elements, which will not only create an additional aesthetic effect, but also serve as additional protection against mechanical impacts of the roof and framing and the protection of eaves, ridge, sheet metal joints, etc. The main additional elements of metal : escutcheon, valley, ridge cap, strap to Fight the outer corners, a bracket for the inner corners, strap ridge, a bracket for the seams and joints, ridge cap, etc. To sum up, once again clarify what is important to remember when buying metal.

Choosing metal roofing

Choosing metal roofing, remember that this is quite an expensive material and you buy it for a long time, so seriously consider the issue of quality. Check that the material quality standards across the thickness of steel, the standard color. Under the guise of metal with a thickness of 0,5 mm steel you can sell stuff to the thick steel 0,4 mm, respectively, of lower quality. Check the thickness of the steel can, looking labels on the packaging of metal or to measure its thickness with an instrument mic. Heed and checking tolerances to the thickness of steel. Failure to comply with standards of the thickness of the steel with different sides of the sheet may be different so that the sheet will distorted. A consequence of this will be uneven fading of the surface of the roof. Check and match the material standard colors that, when re-purchasing of metal the same color do not detect differences in color.

Guarantees for metal

For quality metal roofing warranty period of 10 to 15 years. Metal - an expensive material. If you offer quality tiles at low prices - this should alert you. To be sure, as acquired by the metal, be sure to check the packaging, see the product label, look for well-known company and a good seller and ask about the warranty on the material.

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