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Modern roofing materials

Roof Accessories: valley, Drip, Skates, window sills, snow guard, Flyugarki

Roofing Accessories

We produce all the necessary accessories for roofing roofs. Also produce elements of the roof under the order, according to your size.

Roof - This top coating that protects the building from rain and adverse effects. A very important part of the building, it affects the safety and durability of the building.

Modern roof - is a construction representing a "layered cake" consisting of components such as: waterproofing, wind protection, vapor barrier film, insulation, roofing and other construction of modern roofing underlay provides ventilation of the space and protection from heat loss and condensation. Today presents a large number of parts such that create additional mount, ventilation, keep the snow, adding integrity and design of the roof. The roof is not without additional details. Each type has its own roof komplektuyuschie.Kotorye can be divided into types: fixing, output, drain, Additionally gathered, security elements and decorative accessories.

  • Roofing elements are needed to protect against the penetration of rainfall.
  • Weekend kits are designed for the outputs of chimneys and ventilation systems, sewer pipes, for water outlet from the attic.
  • Elements of security designed to protect against ice formation in pipes, and icicles on the roof edge.
  • Ventilation using a soft roof deflectors.

Accessories for galvanized roofs are made of the same material - it is the ridge and connecting straps, Additionally gathered and decorative elements - ridges, screws, klyammery, valley, nails, etc.

For there is rainwater drainage system, which is an important species for removal of sediment from the surface of the roof. Roofing of metal components are manufactured from steel sheets - downspouts. Soft roof mounted telescopic anchors with the screw and shayby.Dlya soft roof ventilation baffle is used, and for wastewater use special funnel with filters and heat cable, for removal of snow - special snow guard.

Roofing elements made of metal, effectively protecting the house from moisture. Form of additional elements of the roof allows the roof to give a special flavor, and provide protection from rain and snow. Eaves and gable overhang beyond the edge of the roof, filed material - the soffit (siding) for the filing of the roof overhang.

Roof ventilation - the opportunity to avoid condensation occurring in the thickness of laminated roofing. Protects roof structure and finish from moisture and damage.

Lighting elements - dormer windows, entrance door with a transparent dome.

Around the pipe collar is made of steel roof, from ridge steel sheet is brought under the roof, and from the eaves of the roof surface, forming an apron. For fire safety purlins and roofing should not be up to 140 mm pipe, and wooden items - less than 400-500 mm.

Snow has had on the roof loads that must be taken into account when calculating the design of the roof, the load depends on the slope of the roof. Where often there is snow slope, do more, to the snow did not stay on the roof. On pitched roofs to install snegozaderzhivayuschie elements that prevent the snow, which threatens the health prohozhim.I can cause damage to the building facade and the failure of the external drainage system.

Components for the roof and additional elements of the roof.


roof accessories - decorative EndovaRoofing Accessories - Endova inner one


Roofing Accessories - Drip PC 1Roofing Accessories - Drip PKZ 1


Roofing Accessories - Horse To 3Roofing Accessories - Skate KP 1Roofing Accessories - Skate KP 2Roofing Accessories - Skate KP 3

Window sills:

Roofing Accessories - Ebb window

Plank eave:

Roofing Accessories - Planck cornice KH 1Roofing Accessories - Planck cornice KH 2Roofing Accessories - Planck cornice HF

Secondary framing:

Roofing Accessories - Planck contiguity PI 1Roofing Accessories - Planck contiguity PI 2Roofing Accessories - Pressure plate TEP 1

Snow guard:

Roofing Accessories - Snegobarer Sat 1

End plates:

Roofing Accessories - End bracket TA 1Roofing Accessories - End bracket TA 2Roofing Accessories - End bracket TA 3


Roofing Accessories - Angle outer UNIVERSITYRoofing Accessories - Angle of internal HC


We produce caps for individual sizes.

Any flyugarka on your sketch or drawing.

Everything you draw will be sold by us in the metal.

Finishing the chimney:

We offer you a solution to a complex finish the chimney, made of metal in the color of the roof


Screws are made of alloyed galvanized steel. The quality of steel and sharpening the tip of gnawing preclude violation of the metal structure around the drilled holes, which significantly reduces the risk of corrosion-mounted sheets. Color cover screw not only improves the corrosion resistance, but also complements the look of the finished product. The color of the color catalog (RAL / RR).

As the sealing gasket and compensating temperature deformations of the roof used pressed into the washer gasket made of elastomer, EPDM. Washer, made using this material, the installation itself is cured on the roof, providing a tight and durable connection. It is resistant to the constant changes loads, changes in temperature and UV radiation.

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