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Modern roofing materials

Flyugarka. Cap onto the pipe manufacturer flyugarki, smoker, installation flyugarki

Flyugarka, manufacturing flyugarki

Flyugarka on the tube (or its other name: Dymnikov, smoker, a cap on the pipe, Dymnikov on the chimney, well head pipe cap on the chimney, and others), is designed to
protect the pipe from the weather and hit foreign objects.

In the manufacture of flyugarki used in the manufacture of galvanized steel with coating: polyester mat polyester, Puranas, and sheet thickness 0.5mm
When assembling Dymnikov applies only colored rivet in color products.
As shown by long experience, the optimum angle at a cover Dymnikov should be about 30 degrees,
that provides a smooth toe-winter snow, but you can increase or decrease the angle.

Why flyugarki on chimneys?

Each flyugarka has a drip edge or outlet of water to the chimney is not dripping with water, thereby pipe gets extra protection from rain and destruction.
Mounting flyugarki an easy way to extend the life of the pipe.
To protect the chimney from birds, as an option for flyugarki, we propose the installation of protective metallic zinc-coated grid.
Entrust manufacturer smoker professionals. Flyugarka is an artistic creation tinman, which gives additional krastotu and finished look to your home.

Calculating the cost of flyugarki

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