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Calculating the cost of flyugarki, igotovlenie flyugarki, quality of flyugarka roofing.com.ua

Calculating the cost of flyugarki

The calculation of the weight sheet steel

When calculating the cost flyugarki taken into account:

  1. Consumption (flat sheet, coated in RAL, rivets, paint).
  2. The cost of manufacturing.

This calculation makes it possible to calculate the price flyugarki up to 3500 mm. Product over 3500 mm are calculated individually.

– 4-скатный, угол наклона 30°, цвет-ГлянецPE или МатовыйPE по RAL Classico - 4-sloping, the angle of 30 °, the color-GlyanetsPE or MatovyyPE to RAL
Дымник, флюгарка
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Price cap on the chimney at a discount of 514.5 UAH.
Price chimney (glossy): 686 UAH.
The cost of metal work from the material of the customer: 345 UAH.

Consumption: a flat sheet size 2000 * 1250 - 1 pc

Length: mm



– Усиленный, форма Под заказ, угол наклона Заказной °, цвет-заказной, возможность проходного отверстия под трубу заказного диаметра. Elegante - Reinforced, custom shapes, the angle of Part °, color-customized, the possibility of through-holes for a custom pipe diameter.
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Price discount items: 714 UAH.
Consumption: a flat sheet size 2000 * 1250 - 1.5 pc

Length: mm
Width: mm
Tilt angle ° + 0 grn.
Removal of overhanging mm + 0 grn.
Number of penetrations cover pc + 0 grn.
Strengthening skirts default + 46 USD

Price from 952 USD.

image flyugarki

Optionally, the product can be supplied at your request:

  • и листьев Mesh of birds and leaves
  • Forging Artistic
  • Metal frame
  • Weathercock
  • Deflector Короб с флюгаркой
  • Excavation for the withdrawal of smoke channels above the ridge flyugarki
  • Hinged design for easy cleaning access channels

flyugarka with forging

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