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2011.04.11 caps on the fence. Best hoods on the fence.

Caps on the fence, Making caps, fence caps installation.

Колпаки на забор If your fence is built of brick or stone, then of course, it is reliable and durable you say. Such a fence certainly protect you and your territory from the environment, hides from prying eyes that see outsiders optional, or vice versa its attractiveness make jittery neighbors. But who will protect the intake from the environment? After precipitation slowly and imperceptibly will destroy it. Enough moisture to penetrate into the masonry and the result after the winter just around the corner. This may disappoint you, and please his neighbor. But this does not happen to your fence if it is built properly, in compliance with all building regulations. Install protective caps on the fence (more on the pillars of the fence approx.) parapets, sills, Drip will not make huge costs against the budget of its construction. Another thing how to install and which, to solve again did you.

Our company is ready to help determine the choice of offering a quality product on the market of metal works and products of galvanizing.

2011.03.23 Skylights from Fakri. Window-balcony from FAKRO which

Window-balcony from Fakri.

окно-балкон от факро Another new product on the market roofing company presented Fakri . March 22 exhibition INTER BUD EXPO was officially presented a new model of windows and balconies FGH-P2 Galeria. Novelty is a large skylight, which is in the open form into a balcony, at the expense of construction frames. In the best tradition of FAKRO , impeccable workmanship, thoughtful design, increased functionality, vandal proof design. In the standard window-balcony has:

  • laminated glass with an inner and outer tempered glass with self-cleaning coating
  • automatic ventilation gap
  • two layers of environmentally friendly acrylic lacquer that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation
  • the highest grade of wood impregnated antiperenami and antiseptics.

Buy a balcony window and apply for free installation from the manufacturer may be in the office of Roofing or by calling tel.: 044 228-57-37.

2011.03.22 gutter system Rainway. Rainway - manufacturer of eastern systems. Novelty

Gutter system.

Кирпичный цвет водостока Company Gutters has expanded its product line, releasing new product on the market drainage systems. Now in the collection vodostochki RainWay appeared awaited brick color. Also can not poraradovat changes in the standard color range of the company's products - the presence of a glossy shine on pipes and gutters (note also the new product by the manufacturer) said the desire to please their fans. All products were successfully presented at the exhibition INTER BUD EXPO 2011 in Kiev. Rainway buy products or get advice you can in the office of Roofing. Checkout on the site.

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