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Modern roofing materials

Parapets, transit plates, castings for the fences and country houses

Coverage of parapets.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the roof parapet - is one of the most difficult elements of roofing. It is important to eliminate leaking expansion joints with a parapet roof, which is possible only with extensive experience working with parapets. Roof parapets metal under the color of the roof allows us to give all the house of an attractive and aesthetic appearance.

Sills, parapets, the transit bars - metal strips such a configuration, which completely covers the protected surface and removes moisture falling on them.

Protected surface - the foundation of the house basement, basement foundation of the fence, the lower part of the window opening, moldings around the perimeter of the house, crossing the fence.

Configuration of products includes: the main part located at an angle to the plane; limb to which is fastened, Drip, the outlet moisture.

Below are the main types of products manufactured by us span slats, parapets, sills for the fences, window sills and other objects, although the configuration of the products usually every time is unique for each customer, depending on his needs.

The possibility of equipment on which the product is manufactured to withstand a fairly wide range of sizes and configurations.

The maximum length of one item - 3 meters.

Product Image Description
Planck parapet standard number 1 The easiest and most economical option flight strips to the fence.
Parapet with Plank bending № 2 Inexpensive option flight strips to span the fence.
Planck parapet with canopies № 3 More aesthetic version of the flight strips to the wall, the parapet.
U-shaped strap parapet № 4 U-shaped strap on the transit fence railings.

Also, at your discretion, you can submit your sketches and drawings, and we will fulfill your order for parapets, passing planks or ebb, according to your preferences.

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