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Modern roofing materials

Finish the fence: caps on the pillars, drip, strap, protection of the base of the fence

Finishing the fence


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If we talk about a fence made ​​of corrugated board , for its production is necessary to:

  1. Strip foundations of concrete or stone
  2. Square pipe, brick or stone columns забор с ковкой
  3. Prof. pipe on the bridge
  4. Profiled
  5. Fasteners

Assume that all of the above materials you already have, and you plan to put a fence, then proceed. You can yourself, if you have the experience, skills and tools, but you can refer to specialists. In any case, as we see from these figures that the final result will depend on the finish. And here we are ready to come to your aid. Indeed, apart from the appearance, in two versions of the proposed solutions is the guileless products manufactured by our company, is also a number of important functions during the life of your fence, thereby prolonging his life.


колпак на столбик

Protect the poles from falling precipitation.

Planck parapet var.1

планка парапета

Will not allow moisture to penetrate to the foundation.


колпак на столбик

Unique appearance.

Planck parapet var.2

изображение планка парапета

Will not allow moisture to penetrate into the foundation



In a simple bib, extra stiffness, but no longer look


изображение прижимной планки

Give reinforcement, protection of metal on the cut. Is indispensable for connecting two sheets overlap.

Photos of work performed: Caps on poles and railings for a fence or a story about the salvation of the fence

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