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Attic stairs

Attic ladder

Attic stairs FAKRO can buy in our store.

Folding attic stairs FAKRO allow convenient and safe to climb into the attic or attic. Folded attic ladder is a block that can be "stored in the ceiling, while saving space indoors. Stairs different functionality, durability, compactness and original design. They consist of three or four sections. Wooden elements are made ​​of pine. Attic stairs easily retracted into the ceiling in one step using a special rod. The presence of a heater in the hatch and the contour seal on its perimeter eliminate heat loss. With the special rod and a lock built into the hatch, the hatch cover can be easily closed, providing protection against unauthorized access to the attic.
Product Range attic ladders FAKRO represented not only a folding wooden ladders, and folding metal, and fixed with wooden ladders.

Technical details of stairs FAKRO:
the presence of a heater in the hatch (thickness 36mm) and the contour seals avoid heat loss;
in the folding attic stairs provided the original lock, securely locking the manhole cover;
hatch virtually invisible in the ceiling and opens easily with a special rod;
lateral connection elements and steps in the ladder mounting dovetail guarantees reliability and durability of construction;
rung of the ladder have anti-slip grooves, providing comfort and safety of use;
angular-loop hinges, and a special pattern, supplied with a ladder, let alone regulate the ladder to the desired size.

Price - list on the window FAKRO

Price - list on the attic stairs FAKRO

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