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Water drainage system Rainway. Rainway - manufacturer of eastern systems. Novelty

Gutter system.

Кирпичный цвет водостока Company Gutters has expanded its product line, releasing new product on the market drainage systems. Now in the collection vodostochki RainWay appeared awaited brick color. Also can not poraradovat changes in the standard color range of the company's products - the presence of a glossy shine on pipes and gutters (note also the new product by the manufacturer) said the desire to please their fans. All products were successfully presented at the exhibition INTER BUD EXPO 2011 in Kiev. Rainway buy products or get advice you can in the office of Roofing. Checkout on the site.

Every roof will not fully perform their functions without the established drainage systems. Flowing in all directions, the water destroys the walls and foundations of the building is collected in puddles and blurs the track.
Joint application of drainage systems RainWay 90 and RainWay 130 allow to solve the problem by collecting rainwater and melt water.

A specially designed form of gutters do not allow even a large flow of water from the roof overflow and provides rigidity. This provides greater than in similar systems, a useful volume of the gutter, and hence the bandwidth drain.

Additional edges along the entire length increases the resistance to deformation, direct the water flow and prevent the buildup of leaves. The design allows the hopper how to connect between two troughs, and insert the uncut gutter with a hole under the sink. Flow dividers on the inner wall of the funnel prevents the formation of eddies at the inlet of the pipe, increasing the throughput.

Seals of EPDM-rubber seal compound elements of the system, while not hindering the expansion of the linear channels.

Couplings and bends for tubes are designed so that the bell with a double wall covering junction in which you want to leave a gap of 1 cm for the linear expansion of the pipe. With this assembled system has an aesthetic appearance without losing functionality.

Due to high quality materials and the use of special technology Co-Ex, drainage systems RainWay 90 and RainWay 130 resistant to mechanical shock loads, temperature fluctuations from -40 ° C to +60 ° C, UV-radiation and corrosive environment.

Rainwater systems RainWay, developed in the Ukraine, effectively solve the problem of drainage of rain and melt water from the roofs of houses, garages and gazebos, high-rise residential and office buildings, industrial sites. A set of elements of RainWay 90 and RainWay 130 is designed in such a way that allows you to collect a comprehensive system for the roof of any configuration, and if necessary can be connected to ground water drainage and storm sewers.

Design and color drains perfectly combined with all kinds of roofing materials and are the correct completion of the roof is not only technically but also from the architectural side.


Systems are made on the newest equipment of high quality, not plasticized PVC (PVC-U). In the mixture of PVC include special additives that prevent the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and the environment. Gutters and pipes are manufactured by coextrusion technology. High-quality materials, modern equipment and innovative design developments make possible long-term, efficient operation of drainage systems RainWay.

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