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Dormer windows Fakri. Window-balcony from FAKRO which

Window-balcony from Fakri.

окно-балкон от факро Another new product on the market roofing company presented Fakri . March 22 exhibition INTER BUD EXPO was officially presented a new model of windows and balconies FGH-P2 Galeria. Novelty is a large skylight, which is in the open form into a balcony, at the expense of construction frames. In the best tradition of FAKRO , impeccable workmanship, thoughtful design, increased functionality, vandal proof design. In the standard window-balcony has:

  • laminated glass with an inner and outer tempered glass with self-cleaning coating
  • automatic ventilation gap
  • two layers of environmentally friendly acrylic lacquer that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation
  • . the highest grade of wood impregnated antiperenami and antiseptics.

Buy a balcony window and apply for free installation from the manufacturer may be in the office of Roofing or by calling tel.: 044 228-57-37.

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