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Modern roofing materials

Soffit (siding) for filing the roof overhang

Alta Profile Soffit


Soffit ventilated facades Alta Profile used for filing eaves of the building. Soffit Alta profile can be colored and white chocolate. When installing soffit Alta Profile used railing: facet to the soffit, the soffit to finish strap Alta Profile, j-bracket for soffit Alta Profile. The length of the batten strip-3m., The width of the soffit-0, 25m., The thickness of the soffit-1, 2mm .. total usable area covering one panel batten-0, 54kv / m Installation of soffit is made in accordance with installation instructions section. "Soffit company Alta Profile". Soffit is designed for exterior eaves of residential, industrial, commercial buildings, public facilities (shops, hairdressers, pavilions, etc.). Company Alta-profile "releases spotlight following colors: white soffit, soffit brown. Over the years we have gained considerable experience and making the spotlight, do not have any complaints on the quality of the soffit. Soffit is made from high-quality domestic PVC resin and additives best imported by coextrusion on a new, modern equipment of the world's leading extrusion industry. In the production of soffit, we note that both the front and the inner layer is extruded only from raw materials and special additives, provide soffit high impact resistance and cold. In addition, the front layer batten has a high color fastness. This manufacturing technology allows the use of soffit, the soffit in any climatic conditions.

Soffit Alta Profile advantage over other manufacturers:

1. Soffit only one in Russia has passed the full cycle of tests for resistance to climatic aging with a special program designed for us at the Institute of Chemical Physics, based on U.S. methods in relation to the Russian climate.

2. The test results of operational stability of all the colors of the soffit confirm that the spotlight remains appearance for at least 50 years old at t ° -50 ° C to +60 ° C.

3. Soffit retains decorative and mechanical properties of the gap after 60 cycles of freeze-thaw durability tests.

4. The tests to determine the temperature of brittleness on impact showed soffit panels can withstand damage in a range of t ° -20 ° C to -60 ° C.

Thus the spotlight - this is non-toxic and non-combustible finishing material does not change the color of the soffit, soffit, corrosion resistant, can withstand temperature swings soffit, soffit does not separate, soffit does not break. All this is confirmed by the relevant test reports and certificates. Soffit, handsome, attractive look, the best to date of the analogues. Purchase just this spotlight. Alta Profilevsky spotlight right choice!


PS: When calculating the need to keep in mind the length of the cornice of the house and its width. Using the soffit of different colors can make your unique background sofita.Chasche all soffit mounted on a metal profile 60h27. The service life of the soffit is not less than 50 years. Soffit is superior to the structure of (beauty) any other analog, and soffit is the strongest sofitom.10 years on the market prove: soffit reliable material. Soffit credo of choice! Problem batten: spotlight gives the beauty of your home, spotlight following him to protect materials, soffit, serves as insulation, soffit, inexpensive material, soffit, give structure to any presentation. Soffit Alta Profile takes 1 st place in the ranking of sales across Russia, soffit periodically improved. Get soffit Alta Profile!

length 3000 mm
width of the useful 232 mm
thickness 1,2 mm
packaged 10 pcs.

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