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Metal Ruukki (Ruukki Ukraine)

RUUKKI (Rannila Steel OY) - Finnish company that in the 60's of last century was the first to manufacture metal roofing, and still remains a recognized leader in the industry. Ruukki has developed as a full complete set of metal roofing, so customers get all the necessary elements for a safe and secure roof.
"Ruukki Ukraine began its operations in 1997 as a subsidiary of Finnish company" Rannila Steel "(Rauta ruukki) and until 2005 the company was called as" Rannila Kiev and its activity was associated with a brand Rannila. During this long period of its existence on the law took the leading position among the manufacturers of modern structural steel. The company offers materials such as: corrugated decking, cladding facade systems, building integrated delivery of various types of metal, rainwater systems and accessories. In the largest cities of Ukraine work departments «Ruukki Ukraine, which have uniform prices and a full range of products of the company.

Metal Ruukki Finnera

Metal Ruukki Monterrey

Metal Ruukki Decorrey

Metal Ruukki Elite

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