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Shingles Katepal, buy in Kiev

Shingles Katepal

Roofing Ruflex - environmentally friendly, does not emit any harmful substances, and meets all standards and requirements. A huge number of different types and colors of the roof allows you to select the specific form for a particular structure. Roofing Ruflex suitable for modern and ancient buildings.

Plant KATEPAL OY - Finnish manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing materials - there are already more than fifty years. During this time he took a leading position in the market. Years of experience, unique engineering and strict quality control make the products KATEPAL OY optimal choice for construction and renovation of any building with a pitched roof. House covered with shingles Ruflex (Rufleks), you'll see around the world, including in Europe, Ukraine, Russia and Asia. The Finnish tradition of excellence and the creation of a specially adapted roofing materials for the regions with adverse climate. Constant innovation and the desire to meet the challenges of a changing market. Stability and a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of flexible roofing materials. KATEPAL company is a manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing materials under the brand RUFLEX.

Due to the variety of styles and colors RUFLEX roof forms and complements the architectural solutions developed in different stylistic preferences, ranging from Gothic and ending with Hi-Tech.

имеет в основе толстый нетканый стеклохолст, с двух сторон пропитанный высококачественным модифицированным битумом, изготовленным из венесуэльской нефти "Лагуна", которая является самой лучшей для производства битумных материалов. RUFLEX is based on a thick non-woven fiberglass, both sides modified bitumen-impregnated high-quality, made ​​from Venezuelan oil, "Laguna", which is best for the production of bituminous materials.
The lower surface of tiles is a continuous self-adhesive layer of rezinobituma (SBS modified bitumen). The upper side of tile - stone or mineral granules, which not only give her different colors and shades, but also protect against adverse climatic influences.

General information

самонаклеивание с фиксацией кровельными гвоздями Installation Method: Locking samonakleivanie roofing nails
8 кг Weight of 1 sq ft of finished surfaces: 8 kg
1,0 м х 0,317 м Size shingle roofing tiles (length / width): 1,0 m x 0.317 m
3,0 кв.м готового покрытия Shipping volume: 3.0 sq ft of finished coatings
от -55 град.С до +110 град.С (кратковременно до +120 град.С) Temperature range: -55 to +110 grad.S grad.S (briefly up to +120 grad.S)


стеклохолст нетканый Base: non-woven fiberglass
сбс-модифицированный высшего качества Type Bitumen: SBS-modified super
цветные каменные гранулы Top layer: colorful stone beads
самоклеющийся сбс-модифицированный высшего качества битум Bottom layer: self-adhesive SBS-modified bitumen super
паз-гребень System: groove-ridge

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