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Curtain window fakro B_ L3

Curtain window B_ L3

Technical parameters: B_ L3
Ro glass: 1,0 m ² º C / W
The coefficient of sound insulation: 32 dB
The class of densities: IV the highest
Glass packet: 4H - 16 - 33.1T
Low emission coating: +
Glazed windows app. inert gas: +
External tempered glass: +
The inner laminated glass: +
Coating wood varnish: 2 times
Seals: three
Function mikronaklona: +



  • Made of pine wood treated with preservative in a vacuum chamber and double-coated with acrylic lacquer.
  • cornice posts are mounted in the roof at an angle of 15 ° to 55 ° with a sealing collar EU_B. In the roof with a large angle possible to mount such a combination with a collar, made by special order.
  • The window complements the wide range of accessories


Curtain window B_ L3-is a window that is mounted in a vertical wall and connected with a roofing window. Through the use of windows are accessories improving lighting in the room and increases the field of view through the window.
Curtain window BDL L3 opens to the left, BDR L3 - right side manner, and also has the function of mikroprovetrivaniya. Equipped with a locking mechanism, which restricts full opening of the window. Lock allows you to reject the frame to ventilate the room. BVP L3 - vidhilne window is rejected for airing, BXP - nevidkrivalne curtain window.
Curtain window glazing fitted, the outer glass is tempered, and internal - Laminated Class P1. Such a window improves the safety and comfort in using the canopy.
Curtain window can be combined with any roofing window design.
To connect the windows from the outside using a sealing collar EU_B. On the inner side of the window are connected with a decorative strap that is made from pine wood. Decorative strap supplied are accessories box.

Price - list on the window FAKRO

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