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Modern roofing materials

The tops of the windows fakro FDL, FBL

The tops of the FDL, FBL

Technical parameters: FDL, FBL
Ro glass: 1,0 m ² º C / W
The coefficient of sound insulation: 32 dB
Glass packet: 4H - 16 - 4HT
Low emission coating: +
Glazed windows app. inert gas: +
External tempered glass: +
Coating wood varnish: 2 times
Seals: one


  • Made of pine wood treated with preservative in a vacuum chamber and double-coated with acrylic lacquer.
  • Mounted in the roof at an angle of 20 ° to 90 °. The sealing collar is included in the top.


Apex - the windows of a triangular or arched shape, set above the standard windows. The original shape, extra lighting and an interesting style of the interior - it certainly benefits the establishment of such windows.
Windows are made deaf, equipped with laminated low emissivity glazing.

Price - list on the window FAKRO

Price - list on the attic stairs FAKRO

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