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Modern roofing materials

Metal-plastic window fakro PTP U3

Metal-plastic window PTP U3


Window PTP U3 - a completely new roof window metal-plastic construction. Ideal for indoor use on the porch with a high level of humidity, such as in bathrooms or kitchens. The window can be white or in color "golden oak".

In the PTP U3 applied a completely new design solutions, many of which are protected by patents:

  • modern forms of boxes and frames
  • Innovative accessories
  • new pens
  • A new sealing system

Window PTP U3 - it's rotating screen made of multi-profile PVC white or brown color, which reinforced the inside with galvanized steel rod. This design provides the strength of roof windows and prevents deformation profiles during ekspluatpatsii window.

Window PTP U3 durable, not subject to corrosion and changes in atmospheric conditions, and care for them is minimized. Material from which made the window, does not absorb moisture and is resistant to acids and alcohols.

Glazed windows

Window PTP U3 equipped with thermal insulation glazing with warm distance frame TGI. This is a one-chamber glazing 4H-16-4T with external tempered glass with low emissivity layer.


Roof window PTP U3 has a triple sealing system - one main and two additional seals.


Pen is placed at the bottom of the frame, making use of the window is an easy and simple, and handle design allows you to leave the window in two positions mikroprovetrivaniya.

External aluminum profiles

Externally window PTP U3 protected aluminum profiles, with both sides coated polyester, which increases their strength and provides reliable protection against amosfernih factors. Profiles are made of aluminum sheet 1 mm thick. Externally window PTP U3 does not differ from other windows FAKRO which.


PTP U3 box complements the wide range of accessories, both external and internal, which are fastened with screws for PVC profile. Form the frame and box similar to the corresponding elements of other windows FAKRO which. Because of this internal accessories are mounted in a frame are ideal for both wood and plastic windows.

Mounting method

The window is mounted in the roof at an angle of 15 ° to 90 ° together with the sealing collar. Mounted on a box factory mounting brackets for mounting on the armor of the roof structure. Installation of windows PTP does not require the additional skills of installers because they do not differ fundamentally from the installation of wooden roof windows.

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