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Modern roofing materials

Rainwater systems

Rainwater systems - an indispensable attribute of "respectable" roof

Roof is considered one of the most important parts of the building, so its protection from waterlogging and various injuries - a serious problem that requires a reliable and durable solutions. To preserve the quality and aesthetic properties of roofing, facade and foundation construction using rainwater systems whose main function .- timely removal of excess water from the roof surface, which helps extend its lifetime.


Without the device the roof drainage systems can not be considered complete, but this is usually remember the last thing. Moreover, during the purchase gutter system Ukrainian consumers "vote" only in money, not particularly straining a comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages of different types of products. Arguments about the quality and long-term protection of their homes without compromising price today has triggered weak.

Today on the Ukrainian market there are various options for drainage structures: the traditional tin, zinc, metal and plastic.

In recent years, both in Europe and in Ukraine widespread system of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They have attracted the attention of consumers with affordable prices, ease and simplicity of installation. One of the main advantages of plastic guttering is that they absolutely do not corrode (especially true for regions with a large number of cycles of freezing and thawing). Ice, twigs, cones or other random debris that hit the pipe during a violent wind, often damages the protective coating of metal gutters and creates pockets of rust, which lead to premature discharges from the system.

Another important factor in choosing the appropriate drainage system - the aesthetics of appearance. Striving to a high level of quality and design of modern buildings dictates the degree of attractiveness of additional functional enhancements. Like other details of the "cover" gutter, in addition to utilitarian function, should please the eye and fits into the overall architectural pattern. The contour of the details of guttering bright surrounds the entire building and make a complete and harmonious whole structure.

Studying the price positions in various sales representatives need to pay attention to the dimensions of constituents - certainly more narrow tube will be cheaper, but it can not cope, for example, a sudden downpour or sudden thaw. Of course, to insure themselves at once from all the elements, hurricanes and other adverse weather conditions is impossible, so you need to choose some "middle ground". Universal formulas are not available, but the selection of optimal variant of a drain and should take into account the corresponding area of the object and purpose of its size and shape of individual components of the system.

Products LINDAB

Swedish water drainage system is very strong and pleasant appearance, and can withstand any load from the rain, snow and ice. Its high resistance to various aggressive media is particularly relevant in the construction of buildings near industrial sites. The system features durable and beneficial to those that do not require constant maintenance (only once or twice a year, it is desirable to remove from the gutter leaves and other accumulated debris).

Material Gutter Undab is galvanized sheet steel with polymer coating. The complex water drainage system has a wide scope (from private cottages to high-rise industrial buildings) and includes a large number of necessary supplies.

Drains, roof gutters, funnels, fasteners, etc. are assembled without the use of adhesives, putties or other sealing materials. As the connectors are supplied soft rubber gaskets. Of the tools required for assembly of metal-cutting saw, hammer, screwdriver, and folding rule. Before starting installation work, experts recommend pre-painted cornice board, since then, this would be problematic.

The order of installation work as follows. First, to secure the roof of the first and last hooks for gutters, and then pull a cord between them and establish intermediate hooks at a distance of 80 cm from each other. If the gutter, 10 m long, its beginning to mount in the middle, gently vtalkivaya into the grooves of hooks-holders. End plates (caps) are latched automatically when joining the end of the chute, and strong depression. Part of the gutter are joined with rubber gaskets, which are well harbor the joints and have a special latch. Mounting Brackets for a drainpipe to the brick and concrete walls are made with plastic dowels and screws (minimum number of staples per tube - at least two of the allowed maximum length - 2 m). Pipe is fixed with a hammer with wedges in parentheses holders.

Among the additional functionality of accessories include: folding stock for rainwater harvesting in order to continue using it to cleanse the funnel, which is "struggling" with clogged pipes, special protective plate that prevents water from splashing out of the gutter element for branch pipe in all directions (50 ° to 80 °), etc.

Kits gutters, pipes and accessories can be made in different colors - white, brown, black, brick red, dark gray, etc.

Prices for parts of the system Lindab distributed as follows: 1 rm trough 125 mm - 5,6 cu, 150 mm diameter - 7,1 Euro and 7.9 cu at a diameter of 190 mm, 1 lm pipe - 7,5 Euro (D = 87 mm), 10.2 cu (D = 100 mm), 11.4 cu (D = 120 mm).

Products RANNILA

Company Rannila Kiev offers a gutter system made of steel, coated on both sides of a high quality coating.

The system drains from Rannila easily installed and offer reliable protection to your home in rainy weather. Gutters and downspouts Rannila made of galvanized and coated on both sides of the plastic sheet steel 0,6 mm thick.

The number of necessary drainage pipes shall be calculated taking into account the architectural features of buildings and roof pitch. For example, for a single-storey house of 120 square meters with a sloping roof need four downspouts.

Before you begin, you should paint the roof boards end: after fixing gutters access will be restricted.

Fixing hooks set at a level that the distance between the plane of the roof and the outer edge of the gutter is at least 25 mm.

Hooks are placed at a distance of approximately 900 mm from each other (in this case should follow to mount, if possible, had closer to the load-ends and connections gutters drain pipe).

Gutters and downspouts to fit the desired size hacksaw.

With the end of the chute closed end cap, which is attached pinned with screws or rivets. To use a mastic seal.

Fittings for drain pipes are bolted to the wall with screws to a maximum distance from each other by not more than 1900 mm. In the joints of pipes for the strength it is recommended to install additional fasteners. The gap between the lower edge of the drain pipe and the ground shall be not less than 300 mm, and in the presence of drainage -150 mm.

Products HUNTER

A wide range of reliable and simple to assemble drainage systems UK brand "Hunter" offers customized solutions for new construction and renovation of any facilities - ranging from small houses and cottages to large industrial buildings.

The design of gutters Hunter provides maximum water drainage from buildings with large roof surface. System components made of PVC is lightweight, easy to install in any temperature conditions, as well as rich, vivid colors and durability. Longitudinal ribs in the groove increases the strength of wastewater, as well as exclude the probability of congestion. Plastic latches provide complete sealing attachment and provide a reliable compensator for thermal expansion material. Additional reinforcing brackets prevent damage to drainage system from the snow and wind loads.

Hunter Gutter range includes several items that differ from one another by shape, size and scope.

Semicircular systems designed for conservatories and small-town houses have two types of sizes. Drains "Mini" Company "Hunter" launches with a groove 4 m long and 76 mm (12.74 USD value) and the pipe 2 m long and 50 mm in diameter (the price of 6.36 USD) Gutter Gutter "Midi" has a length of 4 m and a diameter of 112 mm (12.74 USD), and tube - 2 m and 68 mm (7.32 USD).

The system of "Trapeze" has cleaned the angular profile and is designed for cottage construction. Price 4-foot trench with a diameter 114 mm - 13 USD, the same length of pipe with a diameter of 65 mm - 14.64 USD

The system of "125" quickly assembled on a small private homes and has an improved bandwidth.

Price: Trench 4 m (d = 125 mm) - 14.21 Euro, the pipe 4 m (d = 82 mm) - 16.95 USD

System "Regent" is intended for higher residential buildings, has an original curved profile and high throughput. Price: Trench 4 m (d = 125 mm) - 16 cu pipe 4 m (d = 74 mm) -19.5 cu

Rainwater systems "Maxi" and "Storm" are intended mainly for large buildings and structures, industrial and commercial applications. Pipes and troughs of these systems have the same length (4 m) and several sizes of diameter. Chute with a diameter of 170 mm Maxi costs 17.82 Euro, the tube (d = 110 mm) - 24.51 USD In the system of "Storm" trough of 200 mm diameter is 32.7 cu a tube (d = 160 mm) - 31.86 USD

In addition to the main drain components Hunter offers the Ukrainian builders funnel internal drainage and linear drainage systems. In funnels made of PVC is durable mounting flange and grille with the holes for fast and reliable connection. Lattice design allows you to effectively filter the water and if necessary treatment can be easily removed. Funnel Hunter compatible with most coatings for flat roof - asphalt, roll-coating on asphalt, roofing membranes made of PVC, etc. The linear drainage Hunter made of durable and non-slip PVC - a simple and reliable way to divert water from the pedestrian areas adjacent to the building, and driveways with the coating.

Products PLASTMO

Danish drainage systems are designed for rugged centralized water drainage from the roofs of buildings of any architectural plan. Details Plastmo made of high quality PVC, so they do not corrode as a result of any damage.

Prefabricated drainage system Plastmo a solid monolith, in which parts are fastened tightly to each other without forming any joint or layer of glue. Because of this drain is collected by the so-called "cold welding", he is able to withstand high mechanical loads on the fallen snow or heavy rainfall. A few years ago as connecting elements in the system Plastmo used rubber seals, but in time, listening to the opinion of roofers, manufacturers began to use more reliable adhesive attachment. System Plastmo, proven in the harsh conditions in Scandinavia, regularly works in a wide range of temperatures - from -50 ° C to +50 ° C. On a properly mounted Danish design manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty.

Special additives included in the PVC, making rainwater Plastmo very plastic, so they can withstand any loading and after deformation are always returned to its original shape. In addition, the presence of a special eyelet front edge of the gutter, also provides a quick and easy installation and ensures exceptional rigidity and straightness of the structure.

Complex systems of rainwater Plastmo well "adjusted" by custom configuration of the building and meet any process requirements.

In addition to the functional properties should be noted and clearly expressed aesthetic qualities Plastmo - these drains beautifully underscore the overall style of the building, make it more neat and attractive. A saturated color designs are not altered by the direct sunlight during the entire life cycle.

System installation requires no special skills, additional tools and equipment. Gutter install the brackets so that the distance from the edge of the roof to the stub was about 25 mm. Private sector gutters collect, as a rule, the following principle: the distance from the butt up to the next bracket should not be less than 90 mm. For the installation of drain pipes using a bridge, leaving between the ends of two pipes air "layer" 20 mm in height to compensate for a possible linear expansion. Retaining ring placed directly under a bridge.

In the gutters Plastmo well conceived and drainage equipment (underground structures to divert water, livnepriemniki, etc.) that are responsible for consistency and smooth operation of the entire system - the water never accumulates and destroys the foundation. For example, a special sump for debris in the form of a bucket, which is under otbivochnoy bars, you can easily pull out, clean up and put in place.

Rainwater systems Plastmo available in three sizes, but among Ukrainian consumers the most popular and affordable is set, in which the chute has a diameter of 110 mm and the pipe - 90 mm. Price 1 lm trough is 3,3-4,5 Euro, and 1 lm Pipes - 3,3-5,6 Euro (Depending on the color white, brown, red).

Products NICOLL

Gutter system made of PVC French firm "Nicoll", thanks to the use of modern materials and sequenced production technology, have a number of advantages. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays and corrosive media (acids and hydrocarbons), ease of installation and operation, not prone to corrosion and deformation, are silent in the rain, resistant to external and internal contamination.

If we talk about the reliability of rainwater Nicoll, it should be noted that one of the gutter bracket capable of withstanding a load of 75 kg, which is guaranteed protection from the destructive effects coming down from the roof of snow and ice.

Effect of linear thermal expansion of plastic in the French gutters was completely removed by a special element (compensator and compensating the funnel), which prevent the emergence of internal voltage designs. In addition, gutters and pipes are made of dark color with a bright inner coating, which reduces the effects of thermal exposure on a plastic surface in the hot season. Another distinguishing feature of systems Nicoll is the fact that the production technology involves the addition of the plastic, titanium oxide, which retains the material's original color and luster, and successfully counter the negative natural influences throughout life, both in the fierce cold, so and during the summer heat.

In the architectural plan of Nicoll great fit in any style of appearance of the building, so they can be used for both new construction and renovation of the architecture, without breaking, but rather emphasizing the classic style of the building.

Ukrainian consumers are now offering two options for gutter system Nicoll - type "25" (80 mm diameter pipes, chutes 115 mm) white, brown and red color (optional - black, gray, dark gray, beige) and type "33" ( pipe 100/125 / mm trough 170 mm) of white and brown (beige and gray).

Soon the market will be new company "Nicoll" - a system trapetseevidnoy forms with the tube of rectangular cross section 90 x 56.

Сборка водостоков Nicoll не требует специальной подготовки и оборудования. Долговечность достигается благодаря надежному клеевому соединению. Все склеиваемые элементы должны быть сухими, а их края -предварительно обработанными наждачной бумагой. Клей сильной фиксации Nicoll схватывается через 15-20 секунд после нанесения, однако закреплять желоб в кронштейнах можно не ранее 20 минут после склеивания (расстояние между кронштейнами желоба должно быть не более 50 см). При монтаже воронки, угла, заглушки и компенсатора необходимо учитывать, что ближайший от них кронштейн должен располагаться на расстоянии не менее 5 см. При сборке водосточных труб кронштейны устанавливают под каждой муфтой, но не реже, чем через 2 метра. Для возможности демонтажа системы рекомендуется оставлять не склеенными воронку водостока и первый после нее отвод.

Помимо основного комплекта водостока Nicoll предлагает широкий выбор аксессуаров, которые помогают спроектировать и установить систему любой степени сложности. Так, например, очень полезную функцию выполняет сетка из полипропилена, которая фиксируется в сливном отверстии воронки, для предотвращения попадания в водосточную трубу листьев, мха и прочего мусора, обеспечивая надежную работу всей водосточной системы. Чтобы регулярно получать чистую воду для мытья, полива и других хозяйственных нужд, в водосточную трубу обычно монтируют специальную муфту с отводом дождевой воды.

Стоимость основных элементов водостоков Nicoll следующая: желоб длиной 4 м в системе типа "25" - 15,5-20 у.е., в системе типа "33" - 21,5-25 у.е., водосточная труба длиной 4 м - 14-17 у.е. ("25") и 18-21 у.е. ("33").


Polish production company "Barbara Kachmarek" delivers on the Ukrainian market of the gutter system Karolina, consisting of the gutter with a semicircular cross-section width of 125 mm, and drain pipes of diameter 100 mm and 75 mm. All system components are made of PVC with the inclusion of the material stabilizers, pigments and additives ennobling. Karolina was created through the cooperation of specialists in different sectors of construction (roofers, installers and designers), so it is highly functional, application versatility, durability, ease and density of connections, as well as complete resistance to corrosion by aggressive atmospheric influences.

This drain system is designed for country houses and small apartment buildings, apartment buildings and industrial buildings, garages and farm buildings.

Монтаж системы начинается с установки держателей для желоба, которые прикручивают на расстоянии 50-60 см друг от друга. Сам желоб вручную легко фиксируют в держателях, а в качестве стыковочных элементов используют соединительные уплотнители, которые должны находиться на расстоянии не более 15 см от держателя. Водосточные трубы соединяют при помощи муфт, оставляя внутри зазор в 10 мм на случай возможного термического расширения. Держатели для водосточной трубы должны быть прикреплены под каждой соединительной муфтой и не реже, чем через каждые 2 м. Конец трубы, как правило, присоединяют к водосточному колодцу, который подключен к ливневой канализации. Особая конструкция колодца и наличие на конце водосточной трубы специальной откручивающейся крышки позволяет по мере необходимости чистить ливневую систему.

Цена комплектующих системы: желоб длиной 4 м (d=125 мм) - 14,08 у.е., труба длиной 4 м - 15,27 у.е. (d = 75 мм) и 18,84 у.е. (d = 100 мм).

Источник: Голибардова М. / Будмайстер. 2002. № 9. C.18-21

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