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Modern roofing materials

Roofing materials: soft tile

Roofing materials: soft tile

We all know what is bitumen, but not everyone knows what a " soft roof .

This is not surprising, since until recently, few could imagine that the technology of manufacturing roofing materials to step so far as to turn a simple asphalt in one of the most popular and effective types of tile, which is now referred to as shingles, but in common - "shingle "or" shingls . We shall call it shingles, because the name could not be better with the material before us.

Bituminous (Flexible) Shingles is a flat sheet of small size, having at one edge of the peculiar shaped cutouts. The general form of such sheets can be very different - from squares, rectangles and triangles to the hexagonal honeycomb, ovals and other geometric and decorative pieces. The choice of colors - all colors of the spectrum, the dye - the newest of the broadcast with decorative colored granules, which are not subjected to the ravages of sunlight. The structure of the tile is a glass fiber (fiberglass) impregnated with bitumen, in some cases instead of the artificial material used organic cellulose. Two layers of oxidized bitumen adjacent to this basis, the top and bottom and have to incorporate a specially designed polymer additives, as well as providing a tile ductility and strength modifiers SBS. Basalt chips, covering the upper bitumen layer, gives the material a variety of color shades, while protecting it from various climatic influences, including vserazrushayuschee ultraviolet radiation. Instead of basalt granules can be used no less than quality broadcast with slate or mineral grit. To give the material properties of self-adhesive tiles on the bottom bituminous layer is applied to a special bitumen-polymer mass, protected by plastic film on the wafer bonding time of transport or storage - before laying it removed. Shingles is a kind of material, which instead of bitumen-polymer mass receives a layer of silica sand - while retaining all the properties of the soft roof, a tile is not an adhesive, and mounted on a common traditional.

Scope soft shingles is quite broad - it can be used in the construction of new roofs, and the renovation of old roofs, with flexible tiles can be laid just over the old coating prepared accordingly. Soft roof looks great on any type of roof of any buildings - both private cottages and villas, as well as the public including commercial and industrial buildings. Especially it is indispensable for use on roofs having a complex shape, but the pitch must be at least 12 ° to prevent congestion at the top of this excess moisture. The advantages of shingles can include a very small amount of waste generated during installation - it speaks of its outstanding efficiency in comparison to other roofing sheet. During rain and hail shingles does not detonate, and does not create a "drum effect", such as metal and slate coverings, it does not rust and is not subject to corrosion, resistant to all types of biological agents such as fungi, mosses and lichens, and does not enter into interaction with the chemically active substances (eg acids).

Among other things it may be noted another property of shingles - after laying in hot weather, it is enough tiles are fused into a single waterproof layer, so that under it does not get wet. In addition, this layer does not conduct electricity, so a house with a roof does not require lightning devices. Additional touch-up during operation is also not required, since all the tiles lend color additives not subject to degradation caused by sunlight, rainfall and other harmful materials to other external factors. Strong and even hurricane gusts soft layer is also not afraid because of very tight coupling of sticky asphalt coating to the base of the roof, and with this new material does not react to sudden changes in temperature. Light weight soft roof does not require additional strengthening of the roof truss system, as well as ease of transportation and lifting tiles on the roof during installation.

In general, the soft roof provided by shingles , a number of parameters is much preferable to those commonly used today roof coverings such as ceramic tile or galvanized iron. Lightness, strength and durability - these are the main arguments in the choice of roofing, and all these options on the market today roofing shingles is unparalleled.

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