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Modern roofing materials

Flyugarka, Dymnikov for chimney

- устройство, предназначенное для измерения направления ветра и защита дымохода от осадков. Flyugarka - a device designed to measure wind direction and protection of the chimney from rain.

Flyugarka represents one or two angled plates, balanced counterweight and having the ability for the rotation around the vertical axis is always mounted a counterweight against the wind.

We have our own production flyugarok of copper and tin.

Umbrella 4 pitched for ventilation ducts

Umbrella 4 pitched for chimneys

Umbrella 4-pitched (deflector)

Traditional old chimneys of stone or brick is well served by a pair of old heating boilers or furnaces, which worked without breaks, without automatic control, which was allocated a lot of hot gases. Due to the large accumulation of heat does not cool down chimneys, and gases are not cooled below the dew point, not destroy them.

FLYUGARKI UMBRELLAS and deflectors come in different designs and are there to protect the brickwork, cladding, stucco chimney and flue duct channels, weatherproof, improving traction flue gases and protect them from tipping over (the smoke goes back into the oven) during the windy weather. As a rule, they are made of sheet steel. Baffle - a fixed appliance, capable of drain gases from smokestacks, by design has ejection properties.

Often consists of two round glasses (deflector engineer Grigorieva), the upper of which has increased from below. The upper glass rose round cover.

Can be used for stoves, solid fuel, the combustion of gas they can not be installed because they are condensed water vapor that can cause the formation of ice accumulation. In gasified stoves to tip pipes set umbrellas simplified design.

To protect the smoke channel from being hit by rainfall and by blowing on it to install an umbrella on the pipe. There is a misconception about the uselessness of umbrellas over the chimneys. As you know, when heavy rain falls in chimneys water, causing the moisture of the walls.

As a result of this draft in chimneys is greatly reduced, the walls of their ever being destroyed. In practice, umbrellas on the pipe are carried out without any regard to the aerodynamic features of the chimney.

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