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MONZAPLUS tile medium wave plus chestnut

MONZAPLUS tile medium wave plus chestnut

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This tile is larger in size than the standard model (approx. 464 mm x 304 mm). Already incomplete 10 pieces (9,8 sht./m2) are sufficient to cover one square meter kryshi.Uvelichenny size tiles gives significant savings - for both the investor and the contractor. This tile requires less wooden crates. Tile medium wave, plus the price was commensurate with that in conjunction with its increased surface provides regular financial savings when purchasing roofing tiles. In addition, tiles, plus creates a minimum among the available market of ceramic roofing material burden on the slopes of the roof. It is only 37.24 kg / m 2. This opens new possibilities for architects.

With the new tile is also related to facilitating the work of contractors. Plain tile is packed on 7-8 pieces per bundle. A stack of shingles plus contains only 5 pieces. As most roofers are shingles on the roof by hand or deliver a simple conveyor, packing tiles, plus a weight of 19 kg is easier to bring up. Due to a large area of ​​tile whole ramp can be placed more quickly.

Tile medium wave plus there in five colors: copper, anthracite, black, black and brown and chestnut. Due to its properties, it contributes to the rapid achievement of a harmonious form of the building. Therefore, the greatest recognition of the tile plus earned by individual investors who use it in private construction.

Technical data
Weight ca. 3,8 kg
Overall length ca. 46.4 cm
Overall width ca. 30.4 cm
Serednya dovzhina pokrittya ca. 39.3 cm
Serednya width pokrittya ca. 26.0 cm
Step sheathing 390 - 396 mm
Number of units / m 2 ca. 9,8
Number of pieces / pallet 240
Weight / pallet ca. 942 kg
The minimum angle 16 ° (with optional insulation)
The recommended minimum angle 22 °
Morozostіykіst +
Technical dataTechnical drawing Download Ceramic tile and akcecsuary (2 MB)
MONZAplus Accessories (1,6 MB)

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