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The Canadian company "Novik" specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of external finishing materials for private houses and industrial buildings. The company develops the production of innovative products in the field of decorative panels, using special polymers that mimic traditional materials such as brick and stone.

Siding panel is a Canadian company "Novik" - an environmentally friendly new finishing material for walls of your home, which transmits live the beauty of natural stone and brick.

Produced the most modern technologies of natural stone talc and high polymers, the panel "Novik" have the strength of natural stone and will protect the walls of your home from external factors.

Panel "Novik" used for residential, commercial and even industrial construction. Facade panels "Novik" ideal for wall decoration or holiday home villas, apartments, renovation of office and residential space. Facades and gables house, basement, porches, attics and porches, walls in kitchen, fireplace and living room - this is not an exhaustive list of different ways to use panels "Novik".

Benefits basement siding "Novik":

Panel "Novik" are much longer (50 years manufacturer's warranty) than natural materials, and they cost much cheaper. Special ingredients, and modifiers to protect the panel from fading in the sun, the deformation from the temperature difference (from +50 ° to -50 °).

Panel "Novik" are voluminous and the original invoice. Give a complete view of your house filter can double surround the outer corner, which is included in the package of this extraordinary siding. Each panel has a special mark that allows the installation to regulate the installation of panels in different temperature regimes and to make installation of both winter and summer.

Use of the siding panels "Novik" allows installation without the use of cement mixtures and adhesives solutions.

Skirting panel "Novik" used for finishing the facades of residential homes, commercial construction, commercial premises and domestic interiors. Your house will become nepovtornost and sophistication.

Ground siding "Novik" provides unlimited scope for design ideas, and the wide range of colors helps to translate these ideas into practice.

Facade panels "Novik" issued in series, simulating natural materials brick and stone.

Colours basement panels "Novik" Series "Brick":

Desert Blend Red Used Blend
White Blend Bark Blend Old Red Blend Red Blend

Colours basement panels "Novik" series "Stone":

Cedar blend Mountain blend
Desert blend Canyon blend Bark blend White blend

Specifications, equipment and an assortment of ground-floor panels "Novik":

Plinth panel under a brick
Length: 1,22 m
Width: 470 mm
Panel under a stone plinth
Length: 1,22 m
Width: 470 mm
Angle outside under a brick
Length: 150 mm
Width: 470 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
Angle outside under a rock
Length: 150 mm
Width: 470 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
J Profile
Length: 3,66 m
The universal starter strip (aluminum)

Length: 1,22 m

Home page (steel)

Length: 2,00 m

Gallery houses works from the siding

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