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Modern roofing materials

Tin: flyugarka, caps for fence posts, hood, hood vent, gate

Articles of tin

Кожух для мангала

Connect the kitchen hood, or the industrial ventilation, roofing manufacture parts or protecting parapet, put a fungus on the asbestos pipe or install flyugarku - often all that is associated with small-scale production of galvanized steel sheet. Individual approach to the task, quality of metal work, the correctness of their performance - that the priorities of our collective tinsmith.
In this section we offer you the pictures of works done by our masters - tinsmith. Thank you in advance for your comments, criticisms and suggestions.

проверка качества колпаков Увеличение тяги дымохода колпак на трубу
Изготовление колпаков

дымник, колпак, дефлектор

Вентиляционный зонт
двускатная крыша волпер фото вентиляционный зонт
Грибок на трубу верстак жестянщика маркированный мат
bending sheet metal Шибер оцинкованый Колпаки на столбики

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