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Modern roofing materials


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2010.09.28 The Taming of the water flows

The Taming of the water flows

Everyone knows that the water lies a great power. And it was her property is successfully used by mankind in his "selfish" for many centuries. That's why people are always treated with respect to this vital to the natural product.

But from a product-essential water can turn into uncontrollable element that could destroy the strongest structures. To avoid this, people learned to "tame" the watery element and use its power for peaceful purposes. One element of this "taming" - gutter system designed to collect and divert rain and melt water from the roof.

2010.09.28 polycarbonate

Recommendations for use in polycarbonate construction

Polycarbonate as a material for light transmitting structures used in Russia since the early 1990's. However, until now difficult to find sites where this, in fact, easy handling and application of the material would be used without gross violations of technology construction and installation works. Meanwhile, the rules of polycarbonate, providing construction coatings are guaranteed high quality, fairly simple.

2010.09.28 Ceramic tile Roben

Ceramic tile Roben: expressive conciseness

Has long roof is something more important than just the logical culmination of the house. It has long been a symbol of homeland and home, protection and reliability. That makes the roof of any building in a real house, and the concept of "shelter" is firmly imprinted in human consciousness.

2010.09.28 Transparent roof

Architecture transparent roof

Many of us have noticed that in recent years in the construction industry has changed dramatically. And they are associated primarily with the advent of the domestic market of many new modern building materials. No accident that even some of the most conservative areas of construction - the roof has received in recent years a number of new roofing materials.

In recent years, along with traditional roofing materials in the regeneration of the roof are increasingly being used and translucent - glass, and polymeric materials. The use of these materials allows us to speak about new trends in contemporary architecture - creating a sustainable relationship between external space and the interior of the building.

2010.09.28 Roofing Materials: Galvanized decking

Roofing Materials: Galvanized decking

Galvanized corrugated board (or gofrolist) - the material is absolutely universal. In addition to its direct purpose - roofing - it is also used for walls of buildings, installation of fences, shut-off devices and other similar works.

2010.09.28 Polycarbonate

Issues with polycarbonate

Issues with polycarbonate may arise as the design stage and completion of the transparent cover, and during installation. Most of them are related to insufficient attention being paid designers translucent elements of coverage, and lack of technical information provided by dealers. Description of the material is often reduced to the mean "coverage of cellular polycarbonate 16 mm thick, or to dry, not supported by drawings and technical specifications of the internal list of articles specific manufacturer. Also, errors can be explained by the desire to reduce costs.

2010.09.28 underlay film

Underlay film

Constantly growing demands on the quality of constructed roofs cause a more professional approach to the construction of roof structure in general. In the minds of the consumer durable reinforced the idea that the roof design to perform competently, we complete it with all the necessary ingredients. Extremely important component is the underlay film. It therefore seems appropriate to once again focus on the features and installation of the material.

2010.09.28 Metal roofing

Metal roofing

How do you think you better protect your home - ceramic or metal roof? In any case, when comparing the tables of common and individual characteristics of any roofing, it turns out that the metal roofs of today are the panacea for all the possible problems associated with the occurrence, with injuries, the weather conditions. Metal roofing today is widely used as coatings for low-rise houses and cottages for a new multi-storey building of residential and public buildings, as well as production facilities, including a complex shape of the roof.

2010.09.28 metal imitation of natural tile

Metal imitation of natural tile

In the construction in Ukraine in force as the traditions and natural conditions are most prevalent pitched roof. On the roofs of this type is not retained water and does not accumulate snow, under the pitched roof can accommodate the premises of residential or office use.

In the design of the roof must be clear about the type of roofing. Changes in concept already during construction may lead to a significant rise in the cost of design and construction. Because each type of coating requires some preparation of the roof, then there is likely to change roof pitch, pitch and cross rafters, which, in turn, may lead to replacement of already projected load-bearing structures of the roof. It should be remembered that the roof is a more complex form, not only is much more expensive, but also has a high probability of occurrence of various troubles.

2010.09.28 Copper roofing

Copper roof - the benefits, limitations, installation

For copper we have a special attitude. Metal although not a precious, but still noble. Copper samovar, copper money ... Pushkin's "Bronze Horseman", finally (by the way, the statue is actually bronze). Even such a profession was in pre-revolutionary Russia - tinker. It is copper in Russia for centuries - and for centuries! - The wing of the dome of the Orthodox churches. Under the noble patina copper roof were (and in some places still are) the old homestead of the Russian nobility, experienced more than one generation of their masters ... At the same time "-saving the economy" "Copper Age" in the domestic construction was replaced by the "Age of Iron": copper was exclusively for the needs of the defense, and the typical high-rise buildings and factory sheds in the towns and villages of our country down-home wing galvanized. And the amazing quality of the copper roof again, "declassified" and available to the private developer.

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