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Modern roofing materials


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2010.09.28 Ceramic tile

Roofing Queen

In 10 books on the art of building, published in the XV century, says: "In the end, having tried everything from the most diligent search, the death did not find anything more suitable for the roof than shingles.

2010.09.28 warranty on the roof

Warranty on the roof: his way or someone else's experience?

That the seller of roofing materials to answer the questions "how much your roofing material is on the roof" or "what it guarantee? Vendors are responsible anything: from ten to twenty years, 25 or even 50 years, often adding to these terms, spell the word "guarantee". The objective response was usually nobody cares. Alas, the shortfall is so "sting" the budget for roof repair, that many are ready to beat them with promises of "security of 50 years, not really quality material. Besides, not even all the experts understand what is meant by "life of the roof" and "warranty on the roof."

2010.09.28 seam roof

Seam roof

Seam roof - one of the most popular types of metal roofing. Popularity seam roof provides a number of advantages over other technologies: the comparative ease of production, availability and reliability of the materials properly installed roof.

2010.09.28 Operated roof. Attic Decoration

How to make the roof exploited?

Serious problem of large cities - the lack of available land and its cost. Overcrowding and high density development leads to huge traffic jams, lack of available parking and walking areas, an increase in gas concentration, deterioration of the already not very happy the environmental situation in the city. And if the estate can be directly planned highways and municipal parking above ground, in the older parts of it can be done. In addition, in recent years has been popularly construction of elite residential complexes of closed with a built and attached garages, entrance to which is carried out directly from the building and the roof is used as a yard area (travel, playgrounds, green space areas).

2010.09.28 Detection of defects of the roof and eliminating

Detection of defects in the roof and eliminating

Long-term survey of roofs of residential buildings showed their general poor condition due to gross violations of building codes and regulations for the organization of production of roofing work with the wrong choice of roofing materials, sometimes unfortunate design decision roof design, which significantly reduces their reliability.

2010.09.28 Tile

Tile TILE - is one of the most long-known roofing materials, which went through the test of time. Even the ancient Greeks and later the Romans used marble tiles and pottery.

2010.09.28 Loft ladder: simple and functional

Attic ladder : simple and functional

Some people appreciate the living space around them and do not seek to obstruct it unnecessary things. Another important feature of each object. But most want to combine with one another, such as in the arrangement of the stairs to the attic or the attic. As is known, stationary design quite heavy and take up much space. And to wear over a ladder ever get tired of even the most patient person. In these cases an ideal option would be sliding and folding attic stairs, recessed into the ceiling. When folded, they are absolutely invisible, do not disturb the harmony of interior and insulated with modern materials and sheathed hatch seals allow the circuit to keep heat in the house even during the cold season. To give effect to this ladder, it is enough to pull the ring locking device.

2010.09.28 BRAAS

Under the safe roof

The concept of "roof" in the practice of domestic business carries a meaning. Experience "BRAAS DSK-1" is an example of a successful combination of two different interpretations of it. On the one hand, the products of this company can actually provide your home a solid roof. On the other hand, rationally selected solutions in the automation of enterprise management helped to create a kind of "IT-roof" over the business, providing assurance of the functioning of the company, regardless of 'weather' in the market.

2010.09.28 bitumen-polymer materials with metal coating

Under the protection of the metal: bitumen-polymer materials with metal coating

Soft roof with shingles used for more than half a century in Europe and America for almost two decades in Russia, have improved performance. At the same time in the construction market continue to emerge Modified soft roof with new properties, including metallic bitumen-polymer coating. With its unusual decorative properties, they have several advantages in the operation.

2010.09.28 Gutters

Rainwater systems - an indispensable attribute of "respectable" roof

Roof is considered one of the most important parts of the building, so its protection from waterlogging and various injuries - a serious problem that requires a reliable and durable solutions. To preserve the quality and aesthetic properties of roofing, facade and foundation construction using rainwater systems whose main function .- timely removal of excess water from the roof surface, which helps extend its lifetime.

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